ESOS & Compliance

Compliance is an opportunity to review process and save money

Energy consumers often have little choice in their compliance requirements and may be asked to meet certain standards to either retain or develop their customer base. Whatever your reasons for looking, this should be seen as a chance for review and improvement. It is important to select the right delivery partner who will work with you and build delivery around your company’s exacting needs. This will provide you with maximum value and a service that is delivered in line with the overall business goals and drivers.

ESOS Phase 3

Your most important action is to ascertain if ESOS is required for your business or not. If required, you need to choose a qualified ESOS Lead Assessor to help you through the process.

Your lead assessor will help you to decide which is the most appropriate route for compliance is (Audits, DEC, ISO50001), and a plan can be made.

We are here to help you on your compliance journey and our in-house Lead Assessors are always happy to meet with you to discuss your inclusion in the scheme and how you can get the most out of it.

Call us today for any help and support you may need.

Who has to comply?
Organisations with over 250 employees or an annual turnover in excess of €50,000,000 and an annual balance sheet of more than €43,000,000.

When is Phase 3?

Qualification date – 31st December 2022 

Compliance date – 5th December 2023

ISO Standard Support

Over the past few years we have seen an increase in the number of organisations looking to implement a meaningful energy and environmental management system.

We have also seen a rise in the number of large organisations putting pressure on supply chains to demonstrate their energy environmental and environmental credentials.

As with other compliance, if used as an opportunity this procedure can drive down cost, improve processes and productivity.

Whatever the standard, Green Team is here to help. We have years of experience in helping both large and small organisations work towards accreditation and achieve significant massive benefits in a recognised management system.

Which standards can Green Team support?

We are primarily an energy and environmental consultancy specialising in ISO14001 & ISO50001, but we also have the skill and experience to support of a wide variety of management systems:

Environmental Management Systems

ISO50001 –
Energy Management System (also a route to ESOS Compliance)

OHSAS 18001(ISO45001) – Health & Safety Management System

ISO9001 – Quality Management System

Display Energy Certificates (DEC)

Don’t risk a penalty by failing to show a valid DEC.  Talk to us today about our in-house assessors and what support we can provide your organisation.

What is a DEC?

Display Energy Certificates are designed to show the energy performance of a public building. They rate the building on potential energy performance of the physical building and its services (Lighting, Heating, Ventilation). In addition, an Advisory Report outlines how the building’s performance can be improved.

Who needs one?

All Public Buildings with a total useful floor area larger than

250 m2 are required to have a DEC and Advisory Report.

Who can provide them?

In order to comply and display a valid DEC, you will need to engage an Accredited Energy Assessor.

This Assessor will need to register the DEC and AR  on the official Gov database. Only registered Assessors can do this.